About Yaroh

Who are we?

Youth – A Ray of Hope (YAROH) is a group of capable students and highly educated professionals working in Education and Social Empowerment sectors fighting poverty to create opportunities for unprivileged children so that they can enjoy their right to education and one day become the future of this state.


Founded at Lahore in 2010, YAROH started as a group of few college students ready to pay back something to their country, a country which is providing them enough opportunities to set their lives on a progressive road. First initiative that YAROH took was launching a program to minimize the number of drop-outs and improve academic performance of students who were at risk of failing or quitting school hopelessly.
Today, YAROH is working in multi-dimensional fields with various projects in the Sectors of Education, Social Empowerment and Awareness..


YAROH has a simple motive “A better tomorrow”. We are not chasing fame, comfort or any worldly objectives rather we are planners and implementers of betterment plans and projects as volunteers.

Mission Objectives

Our mission is to uplift our society through awareness, education and social empowerment. Among all three sectors , Education is our top priority . We are striving to create an inspiring environment for underprivileged children and inculcate in them a vision for their productive future . Also our focus extends to fight poverty,taking initiatives that help save our environment and collaborate with Welfare institutions i.e. Fountain House Lahore & other institutions working in different fields of welfare.

  • Educate and empower the society.
  • Create awareness among youth about social issues.
  • Enhance the spirit for volunteers in youth.
  • Gather maximum organizations on a single platform.
  • Involve the youth in positive activities to build this country.